Poetry Attempts

My Personally Favorite Poems:

mon stylo saignant

I’m gonna be honest here: I’m not a good poet cause my pen is possessed, my mind is a mess I don’t have a rhythm and I don’t like to rhyme if it hinders my thoughts. I have a storm that makes me go in circles and trip and sometimes the wind picks me up so… Continue reading mon stylo saignant

c l o u d s

Looking up, I am mesmerized They’re like lofty mountains or floating islands or cotton candy blankets And sometimes, they feel alive as if they also breathe like snowy white bears, only they’re up there Those peaceful giants, how they float across the sea of the sky I stare, transfixed, tears in my eyes No wonder.

All Other Poetry Attempts:

Am I a Paradox?

I never thought there’d come a day when I’d be afraid of my own writing. Who is the one who writes on paper? Sometimes, I do not know what kind of person I am. Am I a shy and quiet person? Or am I a fun and expressive person? Because whenever I write…

Cryptic | A Poem

I think I stopped trying to write poems because they can be so cryptic. Like what does this metaphor mean? What are you trying to say? Feels like I’m hiding behind a rhyme sometimes. Why don’t I just say it loud and clear,  Frankly and straight to the point? But couldn’t a poem express things… Continue reading Cryptic | A Poem

Un SaignmeNT

WHY WHY… but you shouldn’t have, oh no you shouldn’t. and now my heart beats out of my chest, and then im flipped upside down, and then im here again, but what am i– why are you here? …

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