My Blogging Objectives

The following will be a checklist that I follow before posting anything on the blog. It was originally written as a self-reminder, but you might also find it interesting to see what are my values and what are the essential thought processes behind this blog 🙂

Poems/Short Stories:

  • To be a creative outlet for my thoughts, feelings, and imaginations
  • To be entertaining and to evoke feelings in the reader (including the author lol)
  • To convey a message or a story
  • To be something that I can say on stage, depending on the setting (I like to think of most of my poems as something that could be said or sung in some dramatic theatrical musical of its own. Kinda like those songs in Les MisĂ©rables or the Phantom of the Opera or something… Don’t laugh.)
  • To be a form of art
  • To make use of metaphors and emotion and senses
  • (For my poems) to be something that anyone can quote
  • (For my poems) to NOT just be a ranting or a diary entry that coincidentally rhymes
  • (For my poems) to NOT be too frank or too specific


  • To express my thoughts on a movie, book, etc. that I’ve come across
  • To be honest and respectful
  • To give my feedback, thoughts, and explanation
  • To help people decide whether or not they should watch the movie or not
  • To also think about what if the author or movie director reads this
  • To get people to watch it if you recommend it
  • To cater the review for its target audience so that it doesn’t bore them (like, if it’s a comedy or light-hearted family movie, there’s usually no need to analyze the entire plot in depth or to have such a serious tone throughout the whole review, right?)
  • To NOT just diss out on a movie or give it praise without any explanation
  • To NOT just sell the movie and exaggerate certain aspects of it

“About Life and Stuff” Section:

  • To be an avenue for my thoughts about my life or life in general
  • To share some of my experiences and what I’ve learned
  • To inform the readers so that they learn something new and useful
  • To NOT just be a bunch of fluff and yada-yada-I-get-it-already
  • To NOT write something that’s forced
  • To NOT just be me venting or complaining about life
  • To NOT tell a personal story for no good reason or “just because it’s funny” when it could actually hurt someone’s feelings
  • To NOT speak badly of anyone in my life without their permission, even if they did me wrong and even if I give them a pseudonym. (If I ever bring them up, it has to be for a GOOD reason, NOT just because I wanted to vent or to tell someone about it.)

Questions to ask myself before posting anything, especially if it’s personal:

  • What if my parents, my future employer, or _________ reads this?
  • Will this affect my job/relationships in any way?
  • Would I be okay with publishing this in a newspaper or magazine, etc.?
  • 10 years later, will I be okay with this information out there?
  • How is this information relevant to my target audience?
  • Will my target audience be interested in this information?
  • Can my target audience learn from what I am sharing?
  • Am I just blabbering/rambling, or am I trying to make a point/story?
  • What do I want my readers to GAIN from this?
  • Could this possibly hurt anyone’s feelings or trigger anyone?
  • If your piece of writing doesn’t qualify after asking these questions, then you might as well keep it in your journal or talk about it with a friend.

Other Notes to Self:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Do not ramble.
  • Do not bore.
  • You can say more with less.
  • Don’t try to please all your site visitors.
  • Don’t force yourself.
  • Quality > quantity
  • You created this blog to post what you wanted to say to the world, not to force yourself to post something on a “regular” basis like some other bloggers.
  • Your readers will know what you’re trying to say.
  • Your readers also don’t have to read everything if they don’t want to.
  • Some things will speak for themselves. So try not to overexplain, especially if it’s obvious.
  • Be yourself!!
  • Do NOT give up.
  • Stop being so hard on yourself. You keep hitting rock bottom, but for some reason you keep on making new crevices and going even further than rock bottom, like how’s that even possible?
  • Titles are HIGHLY important. Do you want anyone to click on it and read it, or do you not?
  • Don’t be too compulsive, it’s not like you need to post something ASAP. So, let your writings sit in your drafts for at least a week before posting them–after you go back over them with this checklist, of course.
  • You’re here to share your creative work, your knowledge, the messages you want to get across, what you’ve learned. You’re here to connect with your readers and to strike up a conversation and to interact with one another. But please also remember that this blog is not meant to be a substitute for your own personal journaling and self-reflection. Sure, writing/journaling have some benefits of their own, but please be mindful about what you put on the blog. Not everything you write is blog-worthy, even if what you wrote helped you to organize your thoughts. Consider: what would your readers gain from reading this? What would you like for them to know?
  • Basically, just cut to the interesting parts. Reiteration: Do not ramble.

On this blog, I aim to write the kind of posts I’d like to read.

I do not want this blog to try to be like other blogs. I do not want to force myself to post on a regular basis when that’s not my thing. What I want is for everything that I write and post on here to be written naturally with complete sincerity, honesty, and passion. NOT out of pure obligation.

I also do not want to dwell in forever perfecting an old post because I want to move on and grow. All of my posts are going to be flawed in some kind of way, but I don’t want to constantly worry over how it should be written. I’ve realized that I’ll never have a perfect post that I’ll be perfectly happy with, so from now on, I’m gonna refrain from editing my posts that were published weeks, months, or even years ago, and I’ll just leave them alone instead of trying to helplessly patch it up, which I’ve been trying to do as a beginner blogger. So if there’s an old post that has a lot of imperfections… you know what? That was the old me. So fine, you can go ahead and read whatever the old me thought was the best she could write. But meanwhile, I’m going to work on making the next best post that I can make in the present moment.

At least I’m always going to be even a slightly better person than whoever I was yesterday, no matter how hard I am on myself. Even if I still call myself the lowest of the lows, or the worst of the worst. (Like wow I literally have no self-confidence.)

Yet when it all comes down to it, my writings need to have an outlet. A stage. So that’s what this blog is for, and I hope it reaches at least some of you out there.

…Okay that all sounded a bit dramatic, LOL… But I sincerely thank you for reading this. I hope you all stick around 🙂

(posted 11.19.2020)

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