Onward | Movie Review

“Set in a suburban fantasy world, the film follows two elf brothers who set out on a quest to find an artifact that will temporarily bring back their deceased father.”

My Disney Plus subscription is ending soon, so I decided to start watching Onward, Pixar’s latest film that came out back in March. It was around 1 AM on Thursday and I still needed to fix my sleeping schedule, and so I told myself to only watch like maybe the first 15 minutes just to see how it was. HOWEVER, THE MOVIE TOTALLY CHANGED MY MIND and I ended up watching the rest of it anyways 😂😂 (r.i.p. my grades lol.)

For some reason I didn’t have much expectations about it at first. Maybe I just thought the trailer was a bit goofy or something, but before I knew it I was hooked. It was a very fun and hilarious movie with such lovable characters (and a half), and I honestly enjoyed it A LOT MORE than the live-action Mulan that I previously reviewed 😅

The setting is a funny but interesting notion of a world that was originally rich with magic and fantasy and whatnot, but it soon became modernized because of how technology is making life a hundred times easier (like, big oof). However, before the elves Ian and Barley’s father died, he left them a gift that they were only allowed to open when young Ian turned 16–and it was this legit wIZARD STAFF along with an apparently very rare gem?? Which can apparently bring their father back to life for another day?!? Yeah I know it’s a really cool thing, but I just wonder how in the world their father got his hands on such a powerful gem that just ended up hidden away in the attic, LOL.

BUT ANYWAYS, for the first time Ian used magic to do the bring-my-dad-back-to-life spell, BUT THEN things went wrong in the middle of it that Ian was only able to bring back a pair of his dad’s LEGS.

LOL it was so funny 😂 And because obviously legs cannot see, Ian had to bring him around on a leash and give him a makeshift upper-half body 😂 But yeah, I just found it so amusing that the elf brothers brought along their father’s legs on their whole grand adventure to find another gem to fix it before the spell wears off completely and they couldn’t see him again.

Other than that, I really liked the characters of the two elf brothers. From an objective point of view, I really think Tom Holland’s and Chris Pratt’s voice-acting were a great fit for their respective characters, and perhaps the characters are like the elf-version of them in real life, haha…? Anyways, they might just seem like typical characters, but I still really liked them and they never failed to crack me up or make me root for them! Especially Ian because he was pretty doubtful about the whole notion of magic and was a total noob at it, but then he got much better at it and gained more confidence as his brother helped him out throughout their journey!

What I really enjoyed seeing during their journey was the way that Ian and Barley overcame some of the obstacles they encountered. Not only was I hoping that they wouldn’t die, but sometimes the scenes were super hilarious, and overall my love for the characters just deepened ever further. And yes I was actually laughing out loud while also yelling at the characters to run, lol.

Sometimes in the plot though, I thought things kind of escalated a little too quickly, like some of the conflict between the two brothers. I was like um whoa there bro, chilll… Well that’s only happened like twice to me in the whole movie, but I just thought that it was a little too sudden during those times. Moreover, some of the other obstacles they faced seemed to be a bit random or pretty typical to me. HOWEVER, I’m probably just being super picky on a PG-rated family movie that I watched all by myself 😂

But as for the ending of the movie, I really really liked and appreciated it. It was an honestly good and emotional ending, not just a typical “hooray” ending, and I just absolutely loved the overall theme that the movie was portraying. The only thing I did NOT like about the ending was that bland, final villain that just needed to be defeated because of some magical curse that came out of nowhere. But as for the characters, I truthfully admired what they ended up doing in the end!

Overall, as a Pixar film, this didn’t really hit me hard in the feels like Inside Out, Up, and WALL-E did to me. Maybe it will for other people… or actually it did because I’ve read it in some other reviews that some people cried…? Well to me, this movie seems to be more quirky than it is emotional, but I truly think that it’s just good in its own way!

Nevertheless, this movie was definitely fun to watch, there’s plenty of laughs, and I wouldn’t mind watching it again with my family, just maybe not by myself lol.

About My Life · Poetry Attempts

Am I a Paradox?

I never thought there’d come a day when I’d be afraid of my own writing.

Who is the one who writes on paper?

Sometimes, I do not know what kind of person I am. Am I a shy and quiet person? Or am I a fun and expressive person? Because whenever I write, I would express all these things I couldn’t say with my mouth.

But then, why is that?

Whenever I speak, it’s like I’m stumbling down a steep and rocky slope, but whenever I write, it’s like the words are like a river. For some reason, my thoughts just couldn’t roll off the tongue like they would on paper.

But then, who is the one who writes on paper?

Well, I know I’m not trying to be anyone else, because to be anyone else, it’s really hard. Cause back when I was moving into the city, I would daydream all about starting over, because I wanted to be more talkative, more outgoing, more popular. But then it would always be easier to just be whoever I am, just the same.

But who even is this person? What kind of person am I?

Sometimes, the voice of mon stylo saignant slips out whenever I’m speaking out loud. Why am I referring to her like she’s a separate person? People would always tell me that I should speak up more, but then here I am, conflicted about my voice. I could hardly even bring myself to write anymore, because I’m conflicted about my voice. 

Why do even my own thoughts sound alien to me?

But then,

If you think about it,

This whole world doesn’t seem to make any sense to me either.

Like why do we see water fall from the sky? Why does 2 + 3 always equal 5? Why is the sun always agreeing to shine 7 days a week, 365 days a year, until it dies? Why couldn’t animals learn to speak in English, why couldn’t plants live without any waterwhy do we even need to have oxygen, out of all these things?

You could try to point it out in a textbook, but how do you think it’ll explain to me why–not how, but WHY everything works the way it does?

There’s absolutely nothing that’s stopping this world from changing its mind, except for GodAnd tomorrow, the laws of physics could just spontaneously rearrange itself without any warning. I might not even get to wake up tomorrow morning.

You know, I’m the strangest person I’ve ever met, but I think this entire universe is even stranger. We’ve just become too far used to the ways of this world that we never really stop to think about it.

It’s so strange indeed, very strange… but yet, how can it still be so beautiful? Just like all those fiery, twinkling stars in the night skyThose giant balls of fire suspended in utter nothingness. They are so strange, yet they don’t ever question the oddity of their existence, they don’t ever question why they are the way they are, they just keep on shining until they can shine no longer. Just how can they possibly do that?

And to think, that I’m kind of like the universe too: Strange, paradoxical, and mysterious. Full of never-ending oddities. Full of blatantly glaring imperfections, yet so fearfully and wonderfully made.

…I just need to be at peace with that.


Mulan (2020) | Movie Review

“To save her ailing father from serving in the Imperial Army, a fearless young woman disguises herself as a man to battle northern invaders in China.”

AHHH so the live-action Mulan adaptation FINALLY came out this Friday, and although it was an extra $30 on Disney Plus instead of at the theater, my family and I just went ahead and watched it because we’ve already been waiting TOO LONG for this!

And honestly, it actually turned out better than I expected. Even though there was no singing, no Mushu, and there was a whole new set of supporting characters, it was certainly a very action-packed movie.

My family and I watched the original 1998 film right afterwards, and while I still enjoyed it even after seeing it a million times, I couldn’t help but notice how different the two films were especially in terms of action scenes and dramatic effect.

This new film has its OWN great qualities and its own little twist, and I’m really not at all that upset at much of the deviations they’ve made from the original.

What I really liked about this movie was that Mulan was a total badass in here. LOL I really couldn’t describe it any other way, but she totally had a bunch of fighting scenes. I also liked how some of the scenes had a sort of magical Disney touch to it–like you know those impossible leaps and backflips that no one can do in real life?? Nevertheless, there really wasn’t anything to complain about. The only thing I’m concerned about is how in the world Mulan can fight with her hair down and STILL LOOK SO GOOD even after taking down all those bad guys?? Well anyways.

I also really liked how this movie had more of a dramatic effect. A lot of the scenes in this film happened differently from what happened in the original, but you can definitely tell that Mulan was born to be a warrior in this movie. I also find it interesting that the movie tries to enhance her personal conflict with a new character that parallels Mulan’s unusual gift as a natural fighter.

This new character, Xian Lang, is a witch who can transform into the main villain’s falcon. (You remember that evil leader of the Huns? Because yes.) It was really interesting to see all of her magical powers that the original film had absolutely NONE of. I’m not even sure how I’m feeling about all her magic because it was probably the last thing I expected to see on this film, but at least I liked the inclusion of this character to add some kind of new light into the story. It surely made Mulan’s transformation seem a little more moving to me, although I kinda felt like it was done in a sort of cliche way. I feel like the dialogue needs to cut out on all the general and cheesy lines, and I think the acting needs to feel a little less forced and more real. I also think the movie was trying too hard to give the children some sort of meaningful life lesson to take home. But ANyways it was a pretty cool idea, it just could’ve been conveyed in a better way.

Also this main villain looks SO much like his cartoon counterpart, with all the black clothes and facial features and everything

Okay now, like in the original film, I really loved the hilarious friendship between Mulan and her comrades, and by that I mean the big one, the short one, and the skinny one (you know? You know). However in this movie, I feel like I really didn’t get to know ANYTHING about ANY of her new comrades. I just think they needed to show more character so that I can differentiate between them and all the other men, because right now I can only remember that ONE handsome guy who was obviously a love interest. I think it would’ve been better if that guy had at least a leadership role like Li Shang in the original, but then I really like the way he’s super appreciative and supportive of Mulan instead of putting some sort of distance between them like Shang did.

“Um like, ok thanks…”

Don’t get me wrong, I still like Shang’s character LOL.

There were also a lot of other fun characters that I missed, like the cricket, Mulan’s funny grandmother, that scrawny arrogant guy in the tall blue hat, and little Mushu of course. And I feel like the live-action is lacking a lot of the fun and wittiness from the original that never failed to crack me up. It still has some of its own funny moments though, but I think the cartoon really has a lot of life in it because of all of its amusing and expressive characters.

But honestly, I think the overall mood of this adaptation is just fine as it is. I like how it focused more on all the action and dramatic aspects to provide us with a more cinematic experience, although ironically it couldn’t even make it into theaters because of COVID-19. It would’ve been nice to see it on the big screen though! But anyways, I feel like it would’ve been MUCH WORSE if the movie focused more on the fun side of it, just because I know that it wouldn’t be the same.

I mean, let’s imagine if they actually included Mushu and all the singing scenes. How would Mushu be like?? Based on what I’ve seen of all the other talking animals in the other Disney live-actions, I’m not at all confident that I’d like virtually any form of live-action Mushu either. And how about all the singing and dancing? Honestly, none of the other musical numbers in other remakes were even the slightest bit satisfying (except for that part in Aladdin when the genie’s giving Aladdin this seriously extravagant grand entrance). And besides, I feel like it would only take away from the overall mood of the fact that the invaders are literally taking over China.

So, as a live-action movie that involves war and fighting, I think it actually works better for it to be more on the serious side. I really do not think it could pull off all the fun aspects of the original, no matter how much it could’ve tried, so that’s the reason that I’m glad this movie took on a different and more suitable focus.

But then like, sometimes I feel like the movie is trying too hard to give us some throwback scenes. You know, those scenes where YOU KNOWW is from the original, like the matchmaking scene, the what-kind-of-girl-do-you-like scene, and ohh the awkwardly-being-in-the-same-water-as-a-naked-guy scene. I just think it feels so forced. It’s like the movie doesn’t know whether to act natural, or to be like the original but different.

Nevertheless, this movie is still enjoyable enough to my parents that they asked to watch it all over again once the credits started rolling 😂😂 (Edit: The next morning, they’re watching it again as I typing this right now.) (Another Edit: They’re watching it a third time the next day, I don’t know why.)

But yeah, this movie still made me feel things, and it has its own charm. But if ONLY it had more convincing characters and less awkward delivery along with a less clichéd script, then that would’ve been a LOT more enjoyable! However, I think I’d rather rewatch the original film if I had to choose between them 🙂


Misery by Stephen King | Book Review

Alas, the book that’s been hidden under my bed for years, but I still haven’t finished it after two tries of picking it back up again.

Perhaps I’m just an incredibly slow reader and that I’ve been super busy with college. But the farthest I’ve ever gotten to was chapter 30, barely through 1/4th of the book, so I’ve just decided to go ahead and write a review for it.

This was my first Stephen King novel because I just gotta read at least one of his books in my lifetime.

The reason why I chose to read Misery first was because I knew King’s fans were called Constant Readers, which is a term used in the book to describe that seriously hysterical woman who just happens to be a hardcore fan of the protagonist, a popular novelist called Paul Sheldon.

“Annie Wilkes was the perfect audience, a woman who loved stories without having the slightest interest in the mechanics of making them. She was the embodiment of that Victorian archetype, Constant Reader.”

-Stephen King, Misery

This book is basically about a famous writer who gets into a serious car accident out in the middle of nowhere. His damaged legs severely crippled him almost to the brink of death, but then he gets discovered by this super crazy woman who takes him into her empty home to try to nurse him back to health. The problem is, she isn’t exactly a nurse.

“…Her body was big but not generous. There was a feeling about her of clots and roadblocks rather than welcoming orifices or even open spaces, areas of hiatus. Most of all she gave him a disturbing sense of solidity, as if she might not have any blood vessels or even internal organs; as if she might be only solid Annie Wilkes from side to side and top to bottom. He felt more and more convinced that her eyes, which appeared to move, were actually just painted on, and they moved no more than the eyes of portraits which appear to follow you to wherever you move in the room where they hang…”

-Stephen King, Misery

…You know, the moment when I read this unsettling description of Annie, I was totally shook. I mean, the character description was flawless. All she did was stand there, but I was absolutely freaked out by the way King described that insanely uncomfortable vibe that she gives off. Like, that was probably the best description of a character I’ve ever seen in my whole life. (I obviously only showed part of it as a little teaser.)

And for as far as I’ve read, Annie was… quite something. She’s absolutely not your typical antagonist, and she’s pretty much described as this ugly, soulless (?) woman with a strangely “maternal” smile on her face. And poor Paul is bedridden and slowly losing every single inch of his sanity.

This thing about this book though… is that Paul is literally just stuck in that dingy little bedroom as Annie’s prisoner. Plus, he could hardly even get out of the bed or even swallow any of those addictive pills that Annie keeps forcing down his throat.

So basically, all I’ve seen so far was pretty much just Paul’s mind going nuts as he stares at the back of his eyelids. The first time I tried to read this book, it was difficult for me to understand what in the world Paul was talking about because he kept rambling on and on about some metaphoric pilings. I didn’t even know what a piling was, like at first I thought he was talking about some pile of wood in the sea or something?

Anyways, it was pretty hard for me to read through it. But once I got over that part, I still came across even more whole sections where Paul is just rambling on and on about whatever he’s talking about.

Of course, I get that Paul is really out of it and could hardly even think straight because of his poor legs resembling a total train wreck. And Annie is really no help at all and is just making everything worse for him.

It’s just Paul all alone in the bedroom, waking up and going back to sleep, wanting to escape but he can’t, so he has to keep on waiting for Annie to give him his next pill, experiencing lots and lots of pain, suffering, torture, and plenty of Annie’s weirdness and maddening threats.

But you know, I feel like there should be more action and movement to the story. However, that would be a huge problem because Paul couldn’t even sit up in his bed without screaming.

So to find some solace, I’ve read in some other reviews that Stephen King is known to drag things out in his writings. Perhaps some of you are okay with that kind of writing style to build up the suspense and all. But I’ve already lost my patience in hoping that Paul would hurry up and do something.

I really like the whole concept though, especially the characters although there’s only the two of them. Paul Sheldon’s character reminded me a lot of Stephen King’s voice while I was reading On Writing, and I’m honestly not against the whole notion of Paul reflecting on his situation like he did in the book. It really shows the weight of the effect of Annie’s influence on him and everything, but sometimes he just seems to go round and round in circles (even though it’s perfectly valid for him to do so.)

Anyways, I keep hearing that it’s totally worth it to finish all the way through the end, but right now I just don’t feel motivated enough to pick it back up again a third time. Perhaps the third time’s a charm? Well, maybe once I get a break from school.

But I am still curious to read some of King’s other books, especially the ones that involve the supernatural. I think those will definitely be an interesting read as well.

So, is Misery also something you’ve read before, and did you make it all the way through the end? Should I go ahead and try to finish it? And what do you think about King’s writing in general? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂

About My Life · Updates

Three Years of Failing to Blog, and This is What I’ve Learned

Okay so yesterday I looked at my notifications, and apparently it was this blog’s third anniversary.

I was like, quoi???

And so I checked to see if it was right by looking at the site’s earliest pages, and of course the dates on the About page and Contact page were both on August 13, 2017 at 6:41pm. (And I’m pretty sure they were there from the very beginning.)

So, it looks like it WAS right.


Okay guys, I’m so sorry that I barely post anything that this blog was practically DEAD most of the time, LOL.

BUT RECENTLY, I’ve decided to make a comeback. This month I’ve been working behind-the-scenes, redesigning the site and planning out a new homepage so that people can better navigate through this blog.

I’ve also been reflecting on why this blog even died out in the first place:

1.) My reviews were too long and time-consuming, mainly because I wasn’t sure how to write it.

Especially for the Mystic Messenger reviews: I knew that I wanted to invite anyone who’s interested to play that game… But after I wrote the little “spoiler-free section,” I honestly tried to explain the entire story as if I’m also talking to somebody who doesn’t want to play the actual game but would still like to hear about all my thoughts and experiences.

I even said, “Don’t worry, you won’t need to play it to understand.”

BUT LIKEEE, that honestly just defeats the whole purpose of a review, right? A review is meant to help people decide on whether to play the game or read the book or not. And it really doesn’t even make sense to tell people about the whole story if they would be interested enough to hear it. Because if they’re interested enough to hear it, then why don’t they just PLAY THE GAME instead of reading all the SPOILERS?? x_x *facepalms*

So right now, I’m in the process of revising those reviews, just for the sake of my own sanity (and also because it’s one of my most favorite games ever).

Lessons learned:

  • No matter how much you’d love to talk about something, you’re going to wear yourself out if you don’t know who your target audience is and whether your target audience actually exists or not.
  • A review is basically a recommendation. The discussion afterwards is not supposed to be a whole summary + your thoughts.
  • If the spoiler-free review convinces them to read the book, then just let them read the book instead of wasting your time retelling the entire story for them “in case they don’t really want to.” Smh.
  • If the reader has already read the book or whatever, but then they came to the discussion part because they wanted to hear your in-depth thoughts about it, then you shouldn’t have to act like they’re dumb. So cut off all the unnecessary and boring parts.
  • Stop falsely thinking that each of your readers are going to read the entirety of each of your posts. That’s like trying to talk to someone about Kim Kardashian when they don’t even want to talk about it. If they’re not interested, then they’re not interested, so just let someone else who’s interested read it.

2.) I kept revising too much. Perhaps this is like practicing in preparation for writing a future novel… But this isn’t a novel, this is a BLOG. Though I do value quality over quantity, but still. I’m pretty sure I just spent more time editing previous posts rather than working on a new one.

This fatal mistake led me into a never-ending circle that only reinforced the glaring mistakes that I made on my reviews. In a way, it was like dunking my head into a hole and keeping it there.

I think part of the reason why I revised so much was because I wanted to make sure that my readers understood exactly what I was saying. But now that I look back on it, I think I was a little too detailed. For instance, I tried to explain things that everyone should know already, or things they didn’t even have to know.

It’s like when I wrote a lab report and spent too much time explaining how the whole process of gel electrophoresis works instead of focusing on the reason WHY we even had to use gel electrophoresis in the first place.

And on top of that, I was honestly trying too hard to get the words perfectly well said. I realize I have this tendency to keep changing how I phrase each of my sentences until I think it sounds just about right. See, I’m even still doing it with this post right now.

Sigh, the problem with writing is that you can have all the time in the world before you turn in your final product…

Lessons learned:

  • It isn’t worth it to make a perfect post if it’s perfectly pointless.
  • When writing a post, you should have a clear goal in mind. Don’t add things that you think are cool but are actually irrelevant and useless to the reader.
  • Basically, GET TO THE POINT. The reason why you kept editing them so much is because you don’t really know what your point is, so you end up not knowing what to do with all the irrelevant stuff that you still think are cool, but you don’t really want to get rid of it until you realize that you have to get rid of it because it’s pointless. You just gotta have to kill your darlings sometimes.
  • YOUR READERS ARE NOT DUMB EITHER. So stop thinking they might not understand what you’re trying to say because this is NOT a college textbook or anything. I mean, you’re not talking to a five-year-old, are you?
  • HURRY UP AND GET THE POST WRITTEN UP before it’s 20 months later and you still haven’t published it because you still don’t think it’s quite that “perfect yet.

3.) I really just didn’t know how to write on a blog. Well, I certainly knew WHAT I wanted to write about, but it looks like I was simply all over the place. Yes, I know that my poetry can have that kind of freedom, but definitely not my reviews. And of course I realize that the idea behind the name of this blog is essentially the idea of expressing my thoughts out there no matter how weird and crazy it is. But other than the poetry, I think that kind of attitude should be more about my confidence rather than my actual post. No one wants to read a weird and messy post that leaves them feeling confused.

Lesson learned:

  • Feel free to get your thoughts out there, but don’t actually spill all your brains all over the paper (unless it’s some kind of angsty poem or something).

Anyways, that’s pretty much the main lessons that I’ve learned so far. I know I could’ve made the excuse that I was just busy with school and my personal life, but if it really comes down to it, I really didn’t try to make any time for this blog because of the three reasons I explained above.

But from now on though, I’m gonna do better. I probably won’t ever as perfect as I wanted, but at least I’m gonna try not to write like how I did before.

At least these past three years have been a personal blogging experience for me, and hopefully after reading this, you’re gonna try to avoid making the same mistakes too. Well maybe you’re not also trying to make a blog, but the main idea behind these lessons could also be applied anywhere else in life, like whenever you’re writing a paper, giving a presentation, or just communicating with anyone.

Well that’s all for now, so thank you for reading! 🙂

Poetry Attempts

Cryptic | A Poem

I think I stopped trying to write poems because they can be so cryptic.

Like what does this metaphor mean?

What are you trying to say?

Feels like I’m hiding behind a rhyme sometimes.

Why don’t I just say it loud and clear, 

Frankly and straight to the point?

But couldn’t a poem express things that are difficult to say otherwise?

Well, why don’t you take a look at how it feels like no one’s actually reading this in this little corner of the internet.

Why don’t you take a look at how much I feel like a dramatic sort of actress giving some sort of monologue.

Like I’m the only person onstage in a dark empty theater, my voice echoing off the walls.

Hold on, what am I saying?

Am I saying something cryptic?

Well I know that if I were saying all this to you in the way that I’m writing this, you’d probably be looking at me weird.



So, it’s been two years since I started playing Mystic Messenger.

A whole year since I’ve finished Ray’s route.

And a whole year and a half since I’ve posted Jaehee’s route review.

At this point, the chances are 0.0000001% that I’m going to continue that Mystic Messenger Review Series that I used to be really excited about.

It’s a shame that I slacked off RIGHT BEFORE the story of the game started to get interesting. Jumin’s route was up next—he literally took everything to a whole new level. And then there’s Seven, my favorite character. And as much as I’d love to talk about them… I’m sorry but I’m the SLOWEST writer, it’s been wayy too long since I played their route, and I’m also in college.

But hey, I’ve finished the game at least. It had its imperfections, but it has earned a special place in my heart, I’m not even kidding. If you’re interested in the game and you have the time to spare, please play it. This is still my favorite fandom EVER because I truly love looking through all the fan-art on Pinterest and watching all of those hilarious MMD videos on Youtube and such… Not that I’ve done that in a while though.


OTHER THAN THAT. This blog was meant to serve as an outlet for any of my writings, and lately I haven’t written anything worth publishing to this little corner of the internet… but I’ll post something one day. It might actually be the Jumin route review if I change my mind, but who knows.

For some reason, my Mystic Messenger reviews have been getting WAY MORE views than ANY of my other posts. Very cute, but yeah it makes sense. I’m sorry to disappoint.

Until next time~


Jaehee’s Route | Mystic Messenger Game Review Part 4

“Your happiness depends on what makes your soul sing.”

Mystic Messenger Game Review Page

Previously: Zen’s Route | Mystic Messenger Game Review Part 3

~ + ~

Jaehee’s route is more like a BFF route. She and the MC get to become besties and fangirl together over Zen’s musical DVDs, his great looks, and his talents.

As the only other female in the RFA, Jaehee Kang works as Jumin Han’s chief assistant at C&R International, and throughout her life she has always been such a hardworking person. However, there’s only so much she can do under so much pressure.

During her route, Jumin puts Jaehee in charge of most of the paperwork for both a new cat project and a coffee project for his company. Jaehee becomes more interested in coffee, but then Jumin disapproves of it because for some reason, he wants her to focus more on the cat project. Sounds silly, I know… But the rest of the RFA becomes concerned for her health since Jumin seems to be overworking her.

In this route, Jaehee finds herself sacrificing a lot of time to perfect her work, but at the same time she really wanted to help out others, especially Zen. Meanwhile, Seven tries to make light out of the situation, and although I love his sense of humor, his character is still a hassle for Jaehee.

So once I saw her start to crumble underneath all the stress, I empathized with her. She’s just trying to do her best, but I really admired her tolerance of Seven’s behavior—I laughed whenever she reacted to Seven sarcastically. I could tell she’s a human being just like anyone else, and I loved whenever she started thinking of the MC as a best friend she could freely speak with.

I also loved the way that Zen cheered her up after all she’s done for him. To see them bond as a musical actor and a fan–It’s just SO cool to see them like that.

Anyways, I wish there was a little more action to Jaehee’s Route because there was honestly not anything that exciting or dramatic to me. Although I liked Jaehee as a character, I honestly felt pretty bored throughout her route. I just think the story needs to be a little more interesting instead of just getting mad at Jumin all the time, you know?

But at least this route gave me ever the more reason as to why she deserves to be part of the RFA. I mean, she’s truly a very determined and inspirational person, so we really shouldn’t take her for granted at all.

Continue reading “Jaehee’s Route | Mystic Messenger Game Review Part 4”

Zen’s Route | Mystic Messenger Game Review Part 3

“You don’t see love with your eyes, you see it with your heart.”

Mystic Messenger Game Review Page

Previously: Yoosung’s Route| Mystic Messenger Game Review Part 2

~ + ~

Zen is a talented musical actor who likes to take selfies and brag about his looks. It’s totally undeniable that he’s a seriously handsome person, and it’s a fact that he’s THE FLIRTIEST guy in the RFA. But although he can be quite narcissistic, he always genuinely cares about the MC, even when the MC is not on his route. Plus, he actually wants people to recognize him more for his talents rather than his looks.

His story route doesn’t have a lot to do with the encompassing story with Rika and Mint Eye (honestly, I think this route is the least “relevant”) because it focuses more on Zen’s personal life and career.

However, there’s definitely a sweet romance going on, and his troubled past is revealed as well. You wouldn’t get thrown into a crazy rollercoaster like Yoosung’s route, but Zen might just go and make you feel so flattered and all. I am dead serious when I said that he flirts a lot, so this route isn’t something you should take too seriously.

But I was honestly fine with playing around with him, and I would smile while shaking my head and making weird noises whenever he says something embarrassing or cheesy. Cause if it’s not Seven who’s cracking me up, then it’s definitely Zen 90% of the time. And sigh… This little emoji GETS ME EVERY TIME:


Anyway, in this route I learned that he had a rough childhood because his looks caused a lot of trouble. People would touch him and follow him around, so his parents tried to convince him that he was ugly. Moreover, they didn’t want him to try to be another one of those famous celebrities, and they would rather have him be more productive as a lawyer or a professor, like the rest of his family.

So then, he eventually ran away from home and started living by himself…

Well, one of the biggest troubles along Zen’s route is an annoying little celebrity named Echo Girl. For some reason, she wants Zen to work with her on some huge project, but then she becomes insanely furious when he declines. As a result, this causes her to spread rumors about Zen, and it makes such a negative impact on Zen’s career because he is less famous than her.

Zen doesn’t want to lose his biggest dream when he’s already lost touch with his own family. Jaehee also doesn’t think it’s a good idea for the MC and Zen to be in a relationship when it could make things worse. However, it is up to the MC to encourage Zen so he wouldn’t lose sense of himself and end up in deeper trouble.

When I played Zen’s Route, I was back in high school from fall break, and I was still kind of attached to Yoosung (I still love my cinna roll). And I really wasn’t used to games that made me go on more than one storyline… So, when Zen started sending me whole paragraphs about how thankful he was for me, I had to pause and wonder what I really did to make him act that way. Like, I could barely say more than one chat bubble at a time… (because that’s my only option.)

So yeah, I must’ve been very flattered.

But anyways, I’d really like to thank Zen for all the cute moments. He’s literally the closest thing to what you expect out of a great Otome game, as if it’s not already weird. (Everything else? They’re totally unexpected.)

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The Glass Castle | Book Review

Author: Jeannette Walls

Genre: Memoir

Published: March 2005

~ + ~

About the Book

The Glass Castle is a memoir of Jeannette Walls’ rough childhood and her life’s journey through the various places her family lived. Her mother was a teacher and an aspiring artist, and her alcoholic father gambled at bars and took up “odd jobs.”

Although her family was always low on money and could barely afford any food, they tried their best to work with whatever they had. The parents tried to hold a positive attitude and taught the kids many life lessons in peculiar ways. For instance, Jeannette started cooking unsupervised at the age of three, and the only rule given to her and her siblings was to be home before dark. (This kind of parenting isn’t recommended though…)

But despite of the family’s worn out clothes and filth from not bathing for days, they were actually a loving family who remained loyal to one another. The mother taught the kids how to think of riding shabby cars as an adventure, and the father taught them about math, physics, and how to fight demons and bad guys for self-defense.

But throughout Jeannette’s upbringing, her father drew blueprints and made plans to build an actual glass castle, and he figured it was possible by first inventing some kind of contraption that can find gold and strike them all rich.

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