About The Author

Hello! My name is Rebecca and I’m an INFJ Slytherin and Filipino-American college student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science.

Whenever I’m not studying for my classes, you can usually find me playing the piano, learning other languages, writing whatever’s on my head, watching a movie/series/YouTube video, looking through other blogs (including my own), daydreaming about a potential novel I might write, or petting my little cat named Redgie.

I mostly enjoy listening to orchestral/classical music, Twenty One Pilots, and for some reason I have a little thing for Thai rock music. I also like to listen to cinematic/epic music whenever I study, and these past few years I’ve fallen in love with photography and films. The theater is one of my most favorite places to go, along with the library and the bookstore, and my favorite genre is sci-fi & fantasy 🙂

I am a devoted member of the Doctor Who, Twenty One Pilots, and Mystic Messenger fandoms. *screams like a total fangirl* I also love to watch anime, watch YouTube piano covers, and I used to be a hardcore fanatic of Minecraft and Club Penguin. (They still have a very special place in my heart though, and I mean a REALLYY special place.)

I’ve also made the insanely dangerous commitment of learning French, Latin, Thai, Japanese, and Ilonggo. (And yes, they are a serious, life-long commitment.) But DON’T WORRY because I actually have different goals for each of those languages. For instance, I only wanted to speak in Thai and to read manga in Japanese. However, I still find myself learning how to write in Thai because it’s so fun X_X

Anyways, that’s all I’m gonna say for now. I probably most likely wouldn’t have said all these things if you met me in person, but anyways. I’m pretty much just making an embarrassment of myself on this site 💀💀

If you’d like to ask me questions or tell me anything, you can contact me here, or anywhere else you might find me!

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