Poetry Attempts

To the One Who I Don’t Know Yet

Just to think:

That I’m going to keep pushing you away

with all these storms that trouble my mind—

But you’re going to keep running back to me,

fighting against my wind…

Just how could you ever exist?

You’re going to cry out to me

and yell above the thunder of my dark thoughts, saying

Just let me please

And I would be confused about why you would dare

to come any near

Just how could you ever exist?

And I might secretly want to believe in you,

I might not even admit it, but I could hardly believe

that anyone would want to go through all the trouble

of trying to calm my own storms,

when I couldn’t even do it myself

Just how could you ever exist?

My demons have clouded my sight,

trying to blind me with my own lightning,

but you’re going to keep holding on tight,

hoping you’d eventually see the sun’s light,

that would dry up all of these tears

that I’ve always failed to hide 

And then you’re still going to stay,

even when I might just break into another storm

that could always come back another day

Just how could you ever exist?

And the longer you’d stay by my side,

there’s nothing else I could do

And I’d wish I could more than apologize

for all that you’d have to go through 

because of me

But then you’ll still love me anyways—

not just because you see something in me,

but you also have a storm of your own

that you’d wish to battle with me

~ + ~

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